Water Meter Test Bench for DN40-100MM

DN40-DN100 Water Meter Test Bench

The water meter testing benches DN40-100 is designed strictly according to the following standard:

ISO 4064 & ISO 6817 Measurement of

conductive liquid flow

in closed conduits —

Method using


flow meters

The bench is available to use the volume comparison method to test water meters  DN40mm, DN50mm, DN80mm and DN100mm.The equipment can supply whole bench characters analysis and errors inspection to a single water meter. To ensure the equipment smoothly operation, Mechanical method only and mechanical combined with cameras are selective ways, the later gives more convenient. Products are offered to the manufacturer of the water meter, repair factory, measure department, large-and-middles-scale industrial and mining enterprises, and railway water and electricity ones. The product is well known by the features of High precision, easily operation and simple maintenance.