SP-5506 Three phase portable test bench

SP-5506 Three phase portable test bench

Technical specification of phantom load power source

Power and consumption:

Power supply:  1P2W  220V ±10%,  50Hz / 60Hz;

Max consumption:  700VA

Dimension:  500mm X 350mm X 650mm

Current source:

Output current:  3×0.001A - 3×100A

Adjusting resolution:  0.01% (min. 0.0001A)

Power factor:  -1.0 ~ 1.0(0~3600;  resolution: 0.10)

Outputfrequency:  45Hz~65Hz;

THD(sine wave output):  <0.8%

Stability of current during sine wave output:0.05% (180s)

Output wave:  sine waveOutput capacity:   150VA per phase


Voltage source:

Output voltage:   3×30V - 3×300V

Load:   The Load could be resistor / inductive / capacitive(<4uF)

Adjusting resolution:   0.01% (min. 0.1V)

Outputfrequency:   45Hz~65Hz;

THD (sine wave output):   <0.8%

Voltage stability of power source during sine wave output:0.05% (180s)

 Output wave:  sine wave    Output capacity:   15VA per meter position