SP-W7100 Withstand Voltage Test Bench

SP-W7100 Withstand Voltage Test Bench

1. Overview

SP-W7100 is one of the series of single phase energy meter withstand voltage test benches. There are 6 meter positions for each row, the leakage current:1-9mA optional, the output voltage: 0-4000V

2. Technical Parameters

a) Dail part:

① Power supply 220V±10%   50HZ±2HZ

② Output voltage50HZ actual sine wave(RMS) , 0-4000V continuing adjust;

③ Output power: 500W;

④ Time setting0~99s optional;

⑤ leakage current: 1-9mA optional single-channel control


Place the bench in the ventilated and cool place. Before powering on the bench, Please check if the bench is damaged or in poor connection caused by bad conditions during the transportation. First of all, please check each part of the bench carefully. Then you can power on the bench. Please also check the input power supply, connect the wires as below,and pay attention to the zero wire.