Portable Energy Meter Tester SY-3631

Portable meter calibrator

Product summarization

SY-3631 Portable energy meter tester is our company’s newest field testing product in accordance with electric power market which is the most functional and smallest type in present market and has many merits as follows:
Leading technology: 3.9” colorful LCD Standard instrument construction is suitable for both lab and field applications . English menu prompting menu ARM and 16 digital A/D chip.
Convenient operation: It can be held by hand in spothungsupported or wedged. All function keys on a board can fulfill functions switch between keys.
Safety: Voltage wire is protective coating and plastics cover all crocodile clips and no metal exposed. All these make operation more safely.
Low power consumption: Supply power by inside lithium battery or external direct current and whole power consumption is less than 5VA.
Portable merit: Small volume(197mm×117 mm×45 mm) ,light(host weight<0.4kg).

Function Characters
Calibration function:Calibrate electronic or inductive single phase3-phase 4-wire active3-phase 4-wire reactive3-phase 3-wire active3-phase 3-wire reactive electricity meter and multi-function electricity meter on spot.
countertest function:testingcounterof electric energy meter on the spot.
Harmonic waves analysis function:50 times harmonic waves analysis in diagram form.
Degree measurement function:Display 3-phase voltagecurrent wave shape, measured voltagecurrent distortion.
Inspect wire connection function:Display phasor diagram, inspect error of 48 kinds of wire connection ways of positive or adverse phase sequence on spot.
Real-time record function:Interior real-time clock and English operating system can record  real-time current fluctuation on spot.
Waveform display, Function of measuring distortion degree:displaying  voltage, current waveform respectively, measuring distortion degree of the voltage, current waveform.
The data storage and communication function:Interior real-time clock and Chinese operating system can record real-time current fluctuation on spot, can storage 1000 testing  data .

2-2 Technical Parameters

Voltage measurement range 30-450V

Current measurement range:   Clamp input 100A               Frequency    45-65Hz Phase measurement range 0°-359.99°

Electricity impulse constant:C=3600×400V×5A/(XV×YV) (X represent voltage gear, Y represent current gear)