Portable Energy Meter Tester SP-98ST

Portable meter calibrator

1.Main features

1.1 Important  functions

This SP-98ST three phase portable standard meter measurement possesses complete testing,wiring check ,management, and software upgrade functions.Please read this user manual carefully before operating .

The calibrator is a three phase portable standard meter with 3 components for electronic  energy measurement  . Connect L2 voltage clips  to voltage N terminal of the electronic meter  when 3P3W electronic  energy  meter is measured . There are two multiplier units, so the active  power , reactive power, and their  errors  can be calculated  simultaniously. Meanwhile, two electronic energy low frequency impulses also can be received at the same time.


 32-bit high speed digital signal processor : The calibrator  is  a  powerful calibrator, based on 32-bit high speed 150 MHz DSP from TI Company and high performance 16-bit AD with 6 channels from AD Company. The digital multiplier units with multiple functions and wide range of measurement was successfully developed by means of floating point computations .Therefore, a calculating accuracy can be guaranteed.


To measure  active  and  reactive power  ,or  calculate errors for  electronic  energy meters simultaniously:Increasing the working efficiency  up to two times comparing with the traditional calibrator.

wiring emulation function:The various  wiring  methods can be emulated in   office by the calibrator without connecting voltage or current signals.This function will be used as a wrong wiring check tool to improve wrong wiring check capability of the field operator.

error self checking for 5A clamp :The 5A current signal will be generated and output to 5A clamp by calibrator in order to measure  errors  of the 5A clamp , avoiding the accuracy change problem after long time use  , enabling the operator  to have a clear picture of the closed status for the month of 5A clamp  ,waking up the operator  to clear the 5A clamp  mouth in time.


automatic code reading for electronic  energy  meter (optional):Supporting code scanner andcode reading for electronic  energy meter automatically.

ultra-wide range scope  for current measurement :Up to  500 times scope for current measurement  , metrology accuracy will be gauranteed.Up to 10000 times scope for current measurement and display are possiple.The minimum starting current is 1mA .Wiring identification is possible for empty load  in the field of high voltage and current metrology box situation.

accumulative function for electronic  energy :Capable of  calibrating electronic meter without electronic  energy impulse output.

Gelectronic internal flashdisk


1.2 Other functions

 Large colour screen display with 7 inches industrial TFT, fine clearance ,high resolutions , abundant information ,all  relevant  data  measured  will be displayed by one screen .User can view  all data  measured  at  glance  without  page  flipping.


The active and reactive electronic energy errors, voltage, current, active and reactive power, phase ,frequency ,and power factor can be measured simultaniously, while vector figure and wiring check results displayed.

Without any adjustable resistor in the calibrator ,all errors will be modified  by  software.

All input keys are arranged  in  a  style  of  computer keyboard .

The  ratio  of the low voltage  CT  can be measured directly with 5A100A500A1000A clamp .All troubles, such  as  disconnected cable of the secondary circuit  of  CT , badly connected wiring , short  circuit of  turns within CT, and  mismatched  nameplate data will be discovered .

U1,U2,U3 voltage, and harmonic from 2 to 21 times of current waves  can be measured in the real time mode  to let the operator have a clear picture of the quality of  electronic power supply.

The wave form of  L1,L2,L3 voltage or current can be measured and displayed .

Wide range operational  voltage from 80V to 480V 

The 0.1%  measuring accuracy for all measured points  as well as  1A  rated  secondary circuit of CT will be gauranteed while overloading for 100% within wide  current scope of 0.02A-5A.

calibrator data measured for 5000 times can be saved .

Convenient data copy  with USB interface capable of connecting to flashdisk.

Selectable main interface for simultanious calibrating of one or two electronic energy meters