SP-3303C Portable Energy Meter Tester

SP-3303C Portable Energy Meter Tester

Check the errors of three-phase Watt-Hour meter active and reactive power at one time, and also check the errors of main meter and sub-meter at one time;

Display the following electrical parameters: U, I, P, Q, Φ, F etc.

Test CT transformation ratio, showing in waveform;

Test 2~51 harmonic wave of current and voltage;

Judge wrong line connection;

Test communication baud rate of multifunctional meter and read its number;

PT and CT secondary load function;

Calibrate transformer’s errors automatically;

Able to hold upload and download data (FAT32 documentation) in Flash disk and update it;

Supply power by batteries, supply power and charge online with wide voltage range(57.7~480V);

Worst case accuracy: ±0.05%, ±0.1%.


Main features

Show on high-brightness, high-definition, high resolution ratio 5.7’’ (320*240) TFT color liquid crystal display;

The system utilizes high-speed, high-accuracy digital multiplier to measure all parameters such as active (reactive) power, voltage, current, frequency, phase etc and calibrates them through software;

This device has no potentiometer, which protects it from error change caused by transportation or other factors, and increases stability and reliability of the system greatly;

The self-calibrate function of transformer is able to assure its worst case accuracy stability. When used 5A or 1A split core current transformer, the current reaches 1mA, it is able to check the line connection under the situation that there are PT, CT but they are unloaded;

Self-test between phases guarantees the accuracy stability of this device all the time;

The system adopts the digital absolutely reactive testing technology that is first invented in our country. This technology makes testing under reactive come true, not influenced by voltage and current unbalance, phase angle dissymmetry and frequency change. This technology also increases the reactive accuracy rate up to 0.1% the first time in our country.

Assure the electric energy’s accuracy (0.1% or 0.05%) between the temperature of -20℃ to +40℃;

Equipped with ±0.2 %5A transformer (including split non-repeat errors, touching errors, outside magnetic field interference errors, angle errors and so on);

Equipped with 20A, 100A, 500A, 1000A transformer to directly test low voltage gauging integrative errors and CT changes cooperated with 5A transformer;

The automatic switching range of voltage is from 30V to 480V. Current input value is 5A;

Wide range electric source input is AC 57.7~480V, supplied by inner batteries (no need to connect to outside charger when charged) or AC power input. It is a double choice;

Identify three-phase three lines 48 kinds errors and three-phase four lines 96 kinds errors in four quadrants, showing hexagonal nomogram with any line connection;

The hexagonal nomogram of any kind of line connection can be used for line check training, after showing incorrect identification;

Able to test 2nd ~51st harmonic wave of three-phase voltage and current, and save all harmonic wave’s data;

Able to show three waveforms of voltage and current at the same time;

Provide error calibrating function, so that it is convenient to calibrate errors, but it needs password;

Save all testing data of 10000 watt-hour meters, including working parameters, conveniently for analysis;

Able to communicate with PC, very convenient to connect to the original database and management system, able to be attached with <POWOO watt-hour meter management system> software to realize a situation like that working without paper;

Check single-phase, three-phase three lines, three-phase four lines active and reactive induction type watt-hours meter and electronic watt-hours meters(able to receive impulse of  electronic watt-hours meter) automatically or by hand;

Able to calibrate voltage, current, power, power factor, phase and frequency of electrotechnical instrument and transmitter by comparison;

Able to check PT and CT secondary load, calibrate parameter of watt-hour meter and measure four-quadrant electric energy;


Calibrate the errors of three-phase Watt-Hours meter active and reactive power at one time, check the errors of main mater and sub-meter at one time and calculate estimated value of standard deviation automatically;