Gas Meter Test Bench SPG61-B4 100L

Gas Meter Test Bench SPG61-B4 100L

Main Characters:

  • Adapted bell gas flow standard device as reference standard.(Class 0.5 or more high )
  • Test 4 meters in series, improve testing efficiency
  • Calculate error through photoelectric conversion, enhance system accuracy.
  • Either photo sensor pulse sampling or impulse output from IC card gas meter are adaptable for measurement, and realize dynamic measuring.
  • Adapt high precise pressure sensor, test and display pressure losses automaticly.
  • Adapt high precise temperature sensor to realize temperature compensation.(Optional)
  • Can test left inlet or right inlet gas meter through valve switching.
  • System automatically control bell rise and down, air in and out, system leakage detection, flow rate vale switching, reduce labor strength and enhance testing efficiency.
  • System can supply power for IC card gas meter and automatically received remote meter readings.
  • System selects and adjusts the best gear ratio automatically.
  • System adapts RS-232 to connect with PC, Professional testing software and excellent control, test, data saving. Enquiry  and printing management function, realize informatization and automatization of gas meter testing.

System Parameters:

Uncertainty: ±0.5%

Working Pressure: ≥1KPa (adjustable)

Balance Pressure waving: ≤20Pa≤50Pa

Bell Sealing liquid: White oil

Purpose: for testing of diaphragm gas meter G1.6,G2.5,G4.0

Meter distance: 90-130mm(adjustable)

Meter fixing: pneumatic clamping

Meter number input: bar code or keyboard input

Software function: control, test, data saving, enquiry, printing

Sampling: photoelectricity sensor or pulse input

Bench structure: High quality aluminum alloy